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How Your Clients Can Adjust After Flood Damage to Their Commercial Property

Flood damage can wreak havoc on any property, and it is not something anyone wants to deal with while running a business. Moreover, the financial toll can reach millions when

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Tips to Prevent Flooding at a Vacant Building

Owning an abandoned building can be difficult, mainly when owners must prevent flooding when it rains to prevent further damage. But just how much risk do vacant buildings face for

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Helping Your Clients Understand Flood Risks During Hurricane Season

Helping your clients understand flood risks during hurricane season is essential to assist them in overcoming issues. Despite what flood maps might tell you, almost any piece of property‒including your

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How to Flood-Proof a Business

Being a great insurance broker isn’t only about making a stellar sales pitch—clients love it when they feel as if they’re truly learning on the side. Plus, giving out extra

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flood zones

How Flood Zones Impact Insurance

Is your property located in a flood-risk zone? Some locations are inevitably more prone to flooding than others. The closer a piece of property is to the ocean, river, or

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excess flood

Everything Your Clients Need to Know About Excess Flood Insurance

Excess flood insurance extends the coverage provided by the government’s National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). Typically offered by private insurers, it is useful for those who own homes that would

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home flooding

Preventing Home Flooding This Winter

People who live in flood-prone areas generally expect flood-related problems to occur in the spring or summer. Apart from the heavy rainfall during these times of the year, the warmer

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flood insurance

Do Construction Sites Need Flood Insurance?

If you’re planning on renovating or constructing a new building, all sorts of catastrophes may arise. The future is not predictable, and plenty of things can go wrong. One thing

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commercial flood insurance

Commercial Flood Insurance FAQs

One of the worst things business owners could face is a flood. Heavy rain or overflowing rivers can cause massive water damage, which can be extremely costly to fix. When

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flood insurance

The Importance of Flood Insurance in New York

Most homeowners have some form of insurance that protects their houses from damage and loss. But standard home insurance may not provide the necessary coverage for properties situated in flood-prone

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