What Your Clients Should Know About Renters’ Insurance

Renters’ insurance has many layers, and your clients need to know the details before signing the dotted line. Your job as an insurance agent is to educate them about everything

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Why Your Clients Should Have Homeowners’ Insurance For Their Vacation Home

Securing homeowners’ insurance for vacation homes is essential, and your clients must understand the process. Everyone wants a vacation home. But not everyone wants the liability hazards and vacant property

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What Does a Monoline Property Program Cover?

A monoline property program has a wide range of coverage that it provides, and is good for your clients to have. Monoline insurers, as specialized insurance companies, concentrate their efforts

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5 Common Builders’ Risk Mistakes to Avoid in New York

Construction workers must avoid builders’ risk mistakes when laboring on a new project in New York. When a restaurant, office space, apartment building, or virtually any other property in New

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Most Common Liability Issues in East Coast Apartments

East Coast apartments face numerous liability issues, and your client must understand how to negate them. The benefits of convenience, cultural diversity, and abundant educational and employment opportunities of living

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Builders’ Risk Coverage and the Steps Before Starting a Project in New York

Builders’ risk coverage is one of the essential insurance policies every builder needs to have before starting a project in New York. But what exactly is builders’ risk? In this article,

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Vacant Property Insurance and the Dangers of an Unoccupied House

Vacant property insurance is a policy some may need to insure an abandoned property to prevent liability. Ultimately, owning a residential property comes with plenty of responsibilities, one of which

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