5 Common Builders’ Risk Mistakes to Avoid in New York

Construction workers must avoid builders’ risk mistakes when laboring on a new project in New York. When a restaurant, office space, apartment building, or virtually any other property in New York City does not adhere to code, it sets the stage for serious construction safety mishaps. 

A robust builders’ risk coverage is paramount to protect against a wide range of construction hazards. In this article, we’ll share the most common building violations in NYC and explore how builders’ risk coverage can protect in the event of construction-related losses.

Most Common NYC Building Code Violations and Builder’s Risk Mistakes

There are several building code violations that a landlord might receive. Some of these include:


Under building safety regulations, it is the responsibility of a building owner to maintain a pest-free environment within their premises. While tenants should keep their personal spaces well-maintained, the building owner ultimately bears the responsibility for property management. When signs of pest infestation, such as bed bugs, cockroaches, or rats, become apparent, landlords must take swift action to eliminate the pests.

Failure to Provide Sufficient Heat or Hot Water

When the external temperature falls below 55 degrees during the day, sustaining an internal temperature of at least 68 degrees is required. Similarly, during nighttime, when the outdoor temperature drops below 40 degrees, they must maintain a minimum of 55 degrees indoors. Building regulations also require hot water at all times, with a minimum temperature of 120 degrees.

Window and Door Locks That Require a Key

Buildings must have emergency doors and windows that anyone can open without needing keys. 

Absence of Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Detectors

Building owners must furnish each long-term tenant’s dwelling or commercial space with at least one carbon monoxide detector and one smoke detector. However, it is the tenant’s responsibility to maintain these detectors properly. It is essential to ensure that the sensors have low battery alerts, emitting an audible beep when the battery needs replacing or running low. 

Inaccessible Buildings

Architects, builders, and property owners need to ensure that buildings are designed, constructed, and maintained in compliance with accessibility standards to promote inclusivity and provide equal access to all individuals.

Builder’s Risk Coverage

Construction sites are susceptible to various perils, including fire, theft, and vandalism. Without adequate insurance coverage, the costs associated with these unforeseen events can be substantial and may even lead to project delays or abandonment. 

Moreover, builder’s risk insurance helps prevent building code violations from occurring in the first place. It promotes a culture of compliance by encouraging contractors, builders, and project stakeholders to prioritize code adherence throughout the entire construction process.

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