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Safety During a Snow Blizzard: What Your Clients Must Know

A snow blizzard can cause plenty of damage, and your clients must take the best precautionary measures to prevent damage. Snow blizzards can be extremely dangerous, especially for those who

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How Hotels Can Prevent Liabilities

Is there a surefire way that hotels can prevent liabilities, and what steps can they take to ensure this? You have a client that runs a hotel or several hotels, and

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How Can Your Client Prevent Crime in Their Hotels

Hotels have to take the best measures to prevent crime from happening in their businesses and making guests feel safe. Protecting customers in a restaurant or hotel isn’t only a

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Understanding Builder’s Risk Insurance for High-Rise Apartments

Understanding builder’s risk insurance for high-rise apartments is essential to navigating rough waters. Starting a business such as renting out a high-rise apartment comes with risks. As an insurance agent, you need

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insuring hotels

A Guide to Insuring Your Client’s Hotels

Among all the sectors that have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, the hotel industry is arguably the hardest hit. Already reeling from years of staffing problems, low occupancy rates,

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Essential Risk Management Strategies for Restaurants

Risk is an inherent part of running a business, and restaurants are no exceptions. As with most food and foodservice industry enterprises, numerous factors could result in potential liabilities for

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insuring a hotel

Comprehensively Insuring a Hotel

Hoteliers need protection from various risks regardless of whether your clients are running a pop-up or 5-star hotel. Your clients have to understand that these risks could cost a lot

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multi-family dwelling

Essential Coverages for a Multifamily Dwelling

Do your clients own a multi-family apartment complex? If they do, they should understand that being a landlord entails lots of risks and challenges. These risks include being sued, property

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vacant property

How Can Your Clients Protect a Vacant Property?

Your client’s vacant property is inherently exposed to risks. Thus, they must ensure they maintain and protect this property. What can your client do to reduce liability and risks associated

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loss prevention program

Managing a Loss Prevention Program at Multifamily Building

Property management is a challenging task, regardless of the type of property. Your client’s property will always be exposed to risks, but they can mitigate these risks with a loss

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