Safety During a Snow Blizzard: What Your Clients Must Know

A snow blizzard can cause plenty of damage, and your clients must take the best precautionary measures to prevent damage. Snow blizzards can be extremely dangerous, especially for those who haven’t made adequate preparations. As insurance brokers, part of your responsibilities includes helping clients understand the risks that extreme weather poses to their persons and properties. It goes for multi-family homes and commercial spaces.

Snow Blizzard Safety Tips

Preparing for every contingency that may arise during extreme weather conditions is imperative. Here are some essential tips your clients should know to safeguard against common risks associated with blizzards:

Think Ahead

During extreme weather conditions, the National Weather Service provides warnings to communities in the path of an oncoming snow blizzard. It allows residents and businesses to take the necessary steps to prepare their properties for the impending storm.

If your clients operate hotels or provide other hospitality services, they may consider allowing their guests to reschedule reservations without penalty. It will enable your clients to clear their property of potential hazards and provide a safer environment for their guests and staff.

It is also good for your clients to invest in commercial package insurance. These policies are generally useful for owners of hotels, motels, multi-family homes, condominiums, and apartments. If a winter storm damages their property, the proceeds from the insurance can help pay for necessary repairs.

Identify Vulnerabilities

Your clients should also take the time to identify potential vulnerabilities on their property. They should pay close attention to conditions that could increase safety risks during a winter storm. 

For example, are there loose shingles on the roof that could come off in high winds? Are there large trees near the home that could fall and cause severe damage or injury? Are there any gaps or cracks in the foundation that could let cold air seep through? Identifying these and other potential risks is the first step toward mitigating them.

Preparation Steps

Your client should have prepared for snow blizzards, particularly if their property is in a high-risk area. It is advisable to have a plan in place for ensuring communications, shelter, and evacuation if necessary.

People living in high-risk areas should have a designated evacuation location and route. They should also have food and water in case they get stranded. 

It is best to bring objects inside and store them securely to prevent them from suffering any damage or posing a safety hazard. It goes for lawn furniture, grills, hoses, and other loose items around the property. Homeowners should also clear sidewalks and driveways of debris that the wind can produce. 


Keeping safe during a blizzard is often a matter of awareness and preparation. By following these tips, your clients will hopefully be able to weather even the most extreme conditions. 

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