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Most Common Liability Issues in East Coast Apartments

East Coast apartments face numerous liability issues, and your client must understand how to negate them. The benefits of convenience, cultural diversity, and abundant educational and employment opportunities of living

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Creating a Commercial Package Policy Insurance for Hotels and Motels

A commercial package policy is an excellent option to offer your hotel and motel clients to cover their liabilities. Hotels offer a range of services to guests, but with each

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What Your Clients Should Know About a Commercial Package Policy

A commercial package policy can be the exact policy that your client needs to cover their liability. Ultimately, the goal is to secure the best insurance coverage for the best

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Safety During a Snow Blizzard: What Your Clients Must Know

A snow blizzard can cause plenty of damage, and your clients must take the best precautionary measures to prevent damage. Snow blizzards can be extremely dangerous, especially for those who

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How Hotels Can Prevent Liabilities

Is there a surefire way that hotels can prevent liabilities, and what steps can they take to ensure this? You have a client that runs a hotel or several hotels, and

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How Can Your Client Prevent Crime in Their Hotels

Hotels have to take the best measures to prevent crime from happening in their businesses and making guests feel safe. Protecting customers in a restaurant or hotel isn’t only a

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