What Your Clients Should Know About a Commercial Package Policy

A commercial package policy can be the exact policy that your client needs to cover their liability. Ultimately, the goal is to secure the best insurance coverage for the best value. Your clients also want to combine several factors into one. Therefore, a commercial package policy insurance might be the solution!

As the name implies, a commercial package policy (CPP) consists of several different policies bundled into a single plan. Most consist of individual coverage types such as commercial property and general liability, equipment breakdown, business crime, commercial auto liability, and inland marine coverage. 

Of course, insurance doesn’t guarantee your client’s protection against all sorts of legal difficulties. It goes for commercial package policy insurance as well. 

The Things to Know About a Commercial Package Policy

Even so, having the right type of insurance will help ensure the business’s continued operation. And in the event of a claim, it may even protect your client’s personal finances.

Commercial Package Insurance Coverages 

The actual range of coverages varies depending on the company and the terms of the plan. But only some types of commercial package insurance include workers’ compensation and other essential coverages required by the law in most states. Therefore, your client may have to purchase these individually. 

One of the most important things your client should realize about commercial package insurance is it doesn’t cover all types of losses. Your job as an insurance broker is to inform your client about the relevant coverages from the policy. Likewise, you should let them know what exclusions there are. 

So what does a commercial package policy typically cover? These individualized policies offer specific individual coverages that your clients may choose. As mentioned, most bundle general liability and property insurance with other types of coverage. 

Many insurers provide custom CPPs that are ideally suited for specific niches. Depending on the types of coverage included, these plans can help safeguard schools, churches, healthcare facilities, manufacturing firms, and restaurants from common risks. 

Elements of Commercial Package Policies  

Commercial package policies typically include the following components:

Common Conditions: These detail the rights and obligations of insurance firms and the policyholder. Each of the CPP’s coverage types is subject to common conditions such as the examination of books and records, rights and duties transfer, policy changes, cancellations, and premiums.

Common Declarations: Commercial package policies consist of common policy declarations outlining the type of coverage provided, the property covered, and the policyholder. This component also includes information on the policy period, premiums, coverages, the business, and the insured company’s name and address.

CPP Coverages: These are among the essential components of CPPs. They ensure the flexibility of a commercial package insurance policy by offering your clients the option to choose from the following coverages in any combination:

● Commercial general liability 

● Professional liability 

● Employment practices liability 

● Commercial property

● Boiler and machinery or equipment breakdown 

● Commercial auto 

● Commercial crime 

● Commercial inland marine 

● Farm coverage 

Remember that each coverage listed consists of specific conditions, declarations, endorsements, and causes of loss. Your clients can include specific interline riders in their existing policies to suit their needs better. 


Ultimately, commercial package insurance offers comprehensive protection in a single flexible insurance policy. While some endorsements are mandatory, your clients can add others as options. 

Regardless of your clients’ business or industry niche, obtaining this type of insurance can be invaluable for protecting their investment. By combining different coverages into the policy, your clients can benefit from a flexible, convenient, and affordable plan that offers essential protection against common risks. 

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