Steps for Securing a Vacant Property

If your clients leave their vacant property unprotected, they are at the risk of squatters, vandalized, and criminals. When a property is rented, it brings revenue; but it might incur a colossal loss when it is vacant. Therefore, your clients should take proactive measures to secure the property, or else they might fall into trouble. This article will give ten tips to ensure and protect your vacant property.

But it is pertinent to notice that some properties are vacant for short periods, while others remain vacant for years. Each of these buildings may have slightly different measures. Similarly, some people can afford substantial security costs while others can’t. Therefore, we have included both cheap and premium options for security.

First, we will discuss some measures that all the property owners can utilize.

10 Steps for Ensuring Vacant Homes are Secure

1- Build Relation with Neighbor

Neighbors can be the guardian of your client’s property if they build good relations with them. For that, one needs to pay a visit to neighbors and communicate with them off and on. You can ask your neighbor to inform you if he witnesses any mysterious activity around your building.

 2- Keep the light on

At least one light should always remain on. Thieves and vandals may be deceived and deterred by this tactic.

3- Put Up Signs

If you don’t want to invest a considerable amount of money on expensive Alarm systems or monitoring services, we have a very cheap method for you. You can buy ADT signs for 10-20 dollars and install them in front of your property. These signs can deceive and deter the squatter and burglar. Similarly, you can put other signs such as no trespassing.

4- Dummy Cameras

Another method that can deter thieves is to place a warning sign on the outside of your property. If you put some fake cameras in and around your property, they might prove an excellent deterrent for the burglars. These cameras have red blinking lights and look very real. Nobody will bother to check whether these cameras are real or fake.

5- IoT Devices

The Internet of things has revolutionized home security and safety. You can buy an IoT security camera that will let you monitor your property right from home. You can buy an intelligent ring alarm system and install them on your vacant property. The Ring system will monitor your property 24/7 and send you mobile notifications in case of any unusual activity such as broken glass or smoke. Similarly, you can buy intelligent doorbells with a camera. Whenever someone comes to the door, you will be able to see him from the comfort of your home. These devices are readily available on Amazon.

6-Hire Monitoring Service

You can hire a good monitoring service to take care of your vacant property. Monitoring services have a security system that they will install on your property. These systems are very advanced, and the company employees monitor the place 24/7. But some monitoring services work for 2-3 years contract while you might need it for a shorter period. So never go with these yearly contracts; always choose an arrangement that suits you.

7- Insurance

We live in a very uncertain world, where bad things can happen at any time. Though we should take all the security measures to protect vacant properties, but also be prepared to handle the worst. All residential, commercial, and vacant properties should be adequately secured. When any mischief occurs with a client’s property, this is the best advice you can give them to protect themselves.

Snyder Specialty is the best for your clients for the insurance of vacant properties, commercial properties, and builder’s risk insurance due to their comprehensive coverage.

Now, if a property remains vacant for an extended period, it requires some extra measures.

8-Seal Accessible Openings

If a vacant building has to remain vacant for an extended period, it is always necessary to seal all the accessible openings such as doors and windows. You can use roll-down gates or plywood. This way, criminals won’t enter or vandalize the property. It is also required by the law to seal such buildings.

9- Make Building Inhabitable

If your building has a water supply and the toilet system functioning, it will be an attractive place for squatters. That is why you need to shut up the water supply and remove the toilets. Such buildings will become unappealing for the criminals to occupy and reside.

10- Inform Police

When your property remains vacant for long, you must inform the police about the situation. It will not only protect you from any criminal activity that might happen in your vacant building. It will also add a layer of security as the police might be visiting the property if police learn of any unusual activity on your premises.

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