What Your Clients Should Know About Thanksgiving Home Safety

There are several important things your clients should know about Thanksgiving home safety before gathering. But along with all the fun comes an increased risk of home fires. According to the National Fire Protection Association, Thanksgiving is one of the top three days for home cooking fires.

Thanksgiving Home Safety Overview

Investing in homeowners insurance is one of the best things your clients can do to protect their homes. It will give them peace of mind knowing that if their home has suffered damage, they have the financial protection to rebuild.

Homeowners insurance protects not just the structure of your client’s home but also their belongings. So, if a turkey fryer starts a fire and damages their television, homeowners insurance would cover the cost of replacing it.

While it may not be everyone’s cup of tea to think about, preparing for the possibility of a fire is an integral part of Thanksgiving home safety. Home insurance can help ease the burden financially if a fire occurs, but it cannot replace lost memories or sentimental items.

Thanksgiving Home Safety Tips

Here are the top three Thanksgiving holiday fire safety tips to help keep your clients’ homes safe for the holiday.

Clean Stoves and Ovens

Cooking is one of the leading causes of home fires and injuries, with Thanksgiving being the peak day for stove and oven fires. 

Ensure your clients clean their stoves and ovens before cooking their holiday meals. It will help prevent any grease or food build-up from igniting and causing a fire. They should also pay close attention to what they’re cooking, as leaving food unattended is one of the leading causes of cooking fires.

Cleaning stoves and ovens removes grease and oil that can easily ignite and cause a fire. As such, it’s essential to do this as part of their Thanksgiving preparations.

Additionally, clients should have a fire extinguisher readily available in the kitchen in case of an emergency. They should have a home fire escape plan they could prepare their family for in the event of a fire. 

Keep Turkey Fryers Outdoors

Turkey fryers are popular during Thanksgiving, but they can be very dangerous. If you’re using a turkey fryer, keep it outdoors and away from any flammable materials.

These machines operate by heating oil to a very high temperature, so there’s a risk of fire if not using it correctly. In addition, the hot oil can cause severe burns if it comes into contact with the skin.

If your clients use a turkey fryer, ensure they understand the risks and take precautions to keep everyone safe. They should read the instructions carefully and never leave the fryer unattended.

Be Mindful of Candles

Candles are also a common part of many Thanksgiving celebrations. Many people use candles as centerpieces and to provide ambiance. Be sure to place candles in sturdy holders and keep them away from anything that can catch fire. They should keep their children and pets away from lit candles. Having a fire extinguisher is also a good idea. 

Your clients should also be aware of the dangers of burning candles unattended. If they must leave the room at any time, they should blow out all the candles. By doing so, they can prevent a fire from starting in their home.


Your clients deserve the best Thanksgiving possible; part of that is ensuring their homes are safe. You can help them by helping them protect their homes with insurance and sharing these Thanksgiving home safety tips.

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